Neethu's Kitchen To Yours: Kerala Fish Curry With some Secret tips! ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kerala Fish Curry With some Secret tips! ;)


6- 7 slices of cleaned fish( I used  Tilapia, You can use any fish of your choice like King Fish or Salmon)
8 Small Onions, sliced
4 chillies
1 small piece Ginger,sliced
3 Tblsp Coconut oil
1 cup thin coconut Milk ( Munnam Paal)
3/4 Thin Coconut Milk ( Randam Paal)
1/4 Thick Coconut Milk ( Onnam Paal)
2 tsp chilly powder
3/4 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp pepper powder
1 Sprig Curry Leaves
2-3 pieces of Kodam Pulli , Soaked in little hot water(Gamboge)
Sea Salt, according to your taste


1. Clean the fish well with  little turmeric to avoid fish smell.

2. Crush Ginger, chillies and onions together seperately.

3.  Add chilly powder, coriander powder and pepper powder to 1 cup coconut milk seperately.Mix well.

4.Take a earthenware ( Curry chatti), add coconut oil, sea salt and crushed ginger, chillies and onions. Crush them with your hands for 30 seconds. Add Kudam-pulli water along with the 2 small Kodam Pulli pieces. Then add the 1 cup coconut milk (with the spice mix) and then the 3/4 cup coconut milk. Mix everything well.

5. Switch on the stove ( Only now....Secret#1) at medium heat and let the above mix come to a boil. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Add the fish and let it cook for another 10 minutes or until you see a thin layer of oil on the sides. ( While it is boiling, check the level of sourness and adjust by adding or removing the pieces of Kudam- Puli). DO NOT COVER with  a lid (Secret #2;)...).

6.  Reduce the heat to low flame.Add the 3rd coconut milk in circular motion. Let it cook for 3 - 5 minutes. Just 1 minute before switching off the stove,add the curry leaves on top.

7. Do not cover the chatti with a lid until the curry cools down ( Secret#3 ;)...).

I love it with Tapioca or White rice :). Everytime my mom makes me this, i could hog and hog forever!! Hope you all will love it as much as I do :) And Yea, ur welcome!! ;-D


  1. Lol Neethu! you are funny :D yup it looks so yum! and I love fish curry too! i will make this but no idea when since we hardly buy fish in Norway :D

  2. what is kudam is tumerind? I stay in canada so we can only find 1 type of coconut milk here will that be okay for the fish curry?

  3. You can dilute the coconut milk into thin and thick milk. That shud be fine and Kudum Pulli is a dried fruit but if u dont find that, u can use tamarind as well. Just a little and adjust according to ur taste. Hope this helps:)

  4. You can use one ripe mango too instead of kudam puli...

  5. Kerala cuisine is packed with the multitude of spices which are available in god’s own country. This recipe of the Kerala fish curry sounds both delicious and authentic. Your secret tips certainly help in keeping the mystery alive and lead a flavorful end result.

  6. Alleppey Fish Curry is new to me.I am Basically from Hyderabad But I love dishes made with coconut oil and making it in a Fresh fish will surely enhance the taste. thanks for the recipe. Check our restaurants Andhra Style Foods